Williams, Steve Principal
Ellis-Hennis, Rona Assistant Principal

Brown, Teresa Education and Training
Coulter, Artis Information Technology
Epperson, Dave Automotive Technology
Galliard, Carolyn Education
Gass, Hydrick Culinary Arts
Green, Dennis Behavior/Job Coach
Harley, Zoraida Barbering
Henderson, Lavern Business
Johnson, Teresa Health Science
Joye, Beverly Life Skills SPED
Murph, Frank Lawn and Garden Enterprise SPED
Paul, Shayla Health Science
Rivers, Leonard Construction Enterprise SPED
Robinson, Gertrude Cosmetology
Scoville, Tracey Architecture and Construction
Thomas, Buleah Business
Walker, Mercedes Education and Training
Williams, Shawnna Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Williams, Steve Principal

Brown, David TA/Bus Driver
Butler, Michael School-to-Work Coordinator
Green, Dennis Behavior/Job Coach
James, Lisa SPED/TA
Johnson, Quincy TA/Bus Driver
Sharrow, Geneva Director's Secretary
Shuler, Jasmine Bookkeeper
Wright, Angela TA/Bus Driver